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Cotana Group's 28th Birthday

June 1st is always a special meaningful day for Cotana Group. On this day 28 years ago, Cotana Group was officially born with the original name of Thanh Nam Construction Company Limited. This year, the anniversary of the Company's birthday comes amid the context that the whole country is focusing resources on the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. And in order to join hands and accompany the community, the Company's birthday will be remembered in a very different way.

Strictly complying with the 5K message of the Ministry of Health and other recommendations of the State, Cotana Group has postponed all company events, including the birthday celebration scheduled to be held at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort . This is a decision made in a timely manner by the Board of Directors of the Company, as soon as the Covid 19 pandemic broke out again at the end of April 2021 and showed signs of complicated developments. At this time, the Company's attention shifted to epidemic prevention and control to maintain and stabilize the Company's business activities and ensure the safety of employees in accordance with the business philosophy "Humans are invaluable assets, the strength of the Cotana Group”. The company has applied all measures from raising awareness to issuing regulatory documents or applying control measures to ensure safety in working spaces at offices and construction sites; organize Covid 19 testing for employees and workers…

Ecogarden Project - Hue
There is no planned celebration, but June 1 will still be memorable when this is the topping out day of the Package "Construction of the body of Camellia Villa" in Ecogarden Urban Area - A real estate project that Cotana Group has devoted a lot of enthusiasm as a representative of the investor consortium. Not only does it expect to bring to Hue land a project worthy of the scale and development speed of a city on the verge of integration, Cotana Group also wants to carve its name in the land of ancient capital, as a place where marks the new stage of the Company. Born and raised in the capital, traveling the length of the country with real estate projects in many different fields, Cotana Group has chosen the dear ancient capital Hue to stick with on its next journey.

With each passing year, the company's history book is thickened by experiences and memorable events. Memories are also more and trust, maturity also increases with each birthday year. 28 years old, Cotana Group is still full of energy and has steady steps with many aspirations. Not only do we position ourselves as a business with financial contributions, but we also want to register ourselves as a real estate developer with every project that is valuable to the community and timeless in every land that we set foot in.
I wish the 28-year-old company will continue to steadily walk on the big and wide road ahead.

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