Diệp lâm chi

Party Commitee

The Cotana Group Party (formerly a Party cell under the Party Committee of Dong Da District, Hanoi) established on April 3, 2000.
The Cotana Group Party Party currently has 6 Party cells with nearly 80 Party members, who are the key officials in the mother company, subsidiaries and member companies.
Party Congress Term 2015 - 2020
Cotana Group Party Committee:
- Comprehensively lead the organization of production and business activities.
- Leaders of the Company's political unions.
- Educating and fostering masses to understand the Party in order to develop new Party members in all employees of the Company.
Party members always uphold the pioneering and exemplary role in the field of activities and are the key force determining the growth of the Company. In parallel with the consolidation of the contingent of party committees, the Company's Party Committee always pay attention to the renovation and restructuring of affiliated Party organizations to suit the Company's operating model. In addition, the Party Committee also closely supervised the Cotana Group's Trade Union and Youth Union to regularly launch emulation movements, organize cultural, art and sport activities; encourage cadres, party members and employees to focus intellect, overcome difficulties, find every creative measure to strive to successfully complete the assigned tasks.
Cotana Group's leadership pays special attention to the development of the Party. The Party Committee of the Company has a lot of party members who are young officers with university and postgraduate degrees. For many consecutive years, the Company's Party Committee has achieved a typical and clean base of the Party in Hanoi.