Diệp lâm chi

Youth Union

In January 2006, the Cotana Group's HCM Communist Youth Union officially launched to meet the needs of the union activities of young cadres and employees growing in the company. Thus, after the trade union organization, the Party organization, the birth of the Youth Union organization has contributed to perfecting the organization of unions for many employees who are working at the company.
Along with the development of the company, the Youth Union has constantly consolidated and strengthened its forces and organization, demonstrating the core role of the youth in the company building process as well as the integration process of the capital and the country. With the specific characteristics of the Company, the activities of union members are not concentrated but scattered. However, the Cotana Group's HCM Communist Youth Union always promotes a shocking role in all activities of the company. The Youth Union is an organization that performs well the tasks assigned by the superiors, representing the will, aspirations, talents, intellect, creativity of the company youth. Youth Union members of the company have a strong political spirit, effective lifestyle and ethics, honest, exemplary, discipline sense and a spirit of serious and responsible work.
Youth Union Congress Term 2017 - 2019

The company's Youth Union always cooperates with the Trade Union in paying attention to the spiritual life of its employees in order to encourage its employees to actively promote production and business; successfully organized many cultural, art and sport movements, competitions of good production and business: Good cooking contest, Cotana League football tournament ...; participate in the contest "creative ideas about the capital of a thousand years of civilization and heroes", the contest "Young people with administrative reform" ...
By actively organizing and participating in many activities organized by Youth Union and superior Trade Union, Cotana Group’s Youth Union has achieved many remarkable achievements and in many years was awarded the title of "outstanding emulation unit of mass of young workers and employees" by Dong Da District Youth Union”.
With the attention and conditions of the Party Committee, the Board of Management, the Board of General Directors, and Dong Da District Youth Union, Cotana Group's union activities always have new developments, expressing the spirit and will of the company youth determined to lead in carrying out the professional duties of the unit and participating in the development of the company’s Youth Union.