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Trade Union

Cotana Group Trade Union - formerly Trade Union of Thanh Nam Co.,Ltd - was established in 1994, just one year after the establishment of the Company. This was the union of the first private enterprise in the construction field to join the trade union of Hanoi Department of Construction. Later, when Cotana had grown up with a system of member units, in April 2011, Cotana Group trade union was officially established. With the close attention and direction of the Hanoi Trade Union of Building Workers, with the support of the authorities and the Board of Directors of the Company, the Cotana Group Trade Union has performed well the function of caring and protecting the legal rights for workers.
Trade Union Congress Term 2017 - 2022
In Cotana Group, 100% of employees have jobs and stable monthly income, 100% of employees working at the company are entitled to participate in health insurance and social insurance. 100% of Trade Union members have the right to contribute opinions to formulate business plans, rules and working regulations of the Company. The regimes and policies related to employees are given to collect objective opinions. In addition, all employees are cared for material and spiritual life through holidays, vacations, funeral, wedding, birthday, birthdays, sickness ....
Employees working at the Company also have regular health checkups and participated in training courses on occupational labor safety and environmental sanitation, many officials were sent to improve professional skills, many excellent union members were introduced by the trade union to get admission to the Party.
The Cotana Group trade union also actively organizes production labor emulation movements, improving working methods to increase labor productivity and work efficiency. The trade union of grassroots in construction site has bravely accepted the construction of works, urgently completed the works on time and before schedule.
In addition to paying attention to the life of employees, the Cotana Group Trade Union actively coordinated with the Youth Union of the Company to promote the propaganda and education of major policies of the Party and State to all employees in the Company through the forms of cultural, art and sport exchange in the construction industry.
In the coming time, Cotana Group Trade Union will continue to strive to fulfill its role of organizing activities for the rights of workers, constantly improving the material and spiritual life of its employees in the Company.