Diệp lâm chi

Corporate Culture

To have a big brand after many years of construction and development, COTANA GROUP has become like today beside applying a new working style, advanced technology, regularly maintaining the application of quality management system according to the international standard ISO: 9001-2008, it is impossible not to mention the important philosophy and orientation that is the strategy on people. COTANA GROUP is interested in to building company culture to create a fair working and living environment for employees.
Currently COTANA GROUP has a strong Party Committee, Trade Union and Youth Union organizations, which attracts most of its subjects to participate. COTANA GROUP's employees are all facilitated in order to own company's shares. Thanks to a good environment, COTANA GROUP has attracted many qualified human resources. Currently, COTANA GROUP has a large workforce, of which more than half of the university-educated staffs are construction engineers with practical experience. They will be the main and most important resource for COTANA GROUP towards the goal of becoming a strong economic group and sustainable development.