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Cotana Group tests Covid 19 for employees

In the midst of the increasing number of Covid-19 infections and unpredictable developments, in order to ensure the health of employees as well as stabilize the Company's business activities, on May 26, 2021 Cotana Group coordinated with the National Institute for Accreditation of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals, organized sampling for Covid 19 testing for employees at the Company's headquarters. According to the plan, Cotana will continue to organize Covid 19 testing for all employees and workers working at Ecogarden - Hue Project. 100% of the cost is paid by Cotana Group.

Sampling is done in accordance with the procedures and standards of the National Institute for Accreditation of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals. Through this test, it will help to detect suspected cases of Covid-19 early, so that it can be easily controlled and prevented from spreading on a large scale.

In addition to taking samples for testing, Cotana Group has complied and fully, promptly implemented Covid-19 prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health as well as proactively and creatively introduced strict control measures to ensure the safety of the Company's employees.
Specifically, at the beginning of May 2021, the Chairman of the Board issued a decision to establish the "Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee" with the task of capturing and updating information and directive documents of the State on the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic situation to propagate to the Company's employees; implement instructions, inspect and supervise measures and activities to prevent Covid-19 at the Company…

In addition, the Company also has regulations and mandatory requirements that employees must comply with such as: Measuring body temperature, disinfecting before entering the building; ensure a minimum sitting distance of 2m in the working room; do not take the elevator to avoid contact with strangers; limit contact and exchange work; increase work online; the company's weekly briefing is divided into several bridge points to avoid large gatherings; do not receive guests at the office (if necessary, a separate room will be arranged), advise employees not to move from the living and working areas to avoid the risk of infection from the community...

At construction sites, in order to ensure that construction activities still take place on schedule, measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic are strictly implemented and in accordance with regulations. In addition to banners, warning slogans and implementation instructions; measure body temperature, disinfect for engineers and workers in and out; the steering committees also separate working and resting areas, and divide working shifts according to different time frames to avoid crowded contact; clean the site after working hours and disinfect the site once a week…

With the strict implementation of the 5K message and fully complying with the measures recommended by the Government, the Ministry of Health and relevant departments, Cotana Group is committed to joining hands and accompanying the State in repelling the Covid 19 pandemic.

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