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Cotana Group 2022: The way we go

Facing challenges from Covid-19 during 2020 and 2021, many small businesses in the construction industry went bankrupt or closed, while large enterprises suffered a weaker situation. In that context, Cotana Group still fulfills the task of production and business, growing safely and profitably. Let's listen to Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cotana Group and Mr. Doan Van Tuan - General Director of Cotana Group share about the past 2021 as well as the Group's goals for 2022.
Chairman of the Board of Directors Dao Ngoc Thanh: 2021 is a year of good growth for Cotana Group
2021 is considered a year full of "up and down" of the real estate market. The unexpected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many real estate businesses to face many difficulties. Cotana Group also cannot avoid difficulties, but there are still very optimistic signals, the Group's production and business value has been completed with very impressive numbers, staff income increased by 50% compared to the previous year, the stock prices increased hightly.
To have the above results, it is necessary to follow the methodical orientation of the Board of Directors, the close management of the Board of Directors. The quality of the works that Cotana Group executes has improved markedly, the construction progress is always guaranteed, the professional level of the construction and installation contractors is always the guideline, the resolute goal to be focused on. absorbed by employees of the Group. Besides the goal of being a professional contractor, Cotana Group is also a reputable real estate developer. In the current context, only professionalism and class can enhance the Group's brand, which is the guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise.
Ecogarden - a current key project of the Cotana Group
In 2022, the Covid 19 epidemic is not expected to end. Cotana Group still faces many challenges. However, in a new period, the Board of Directors of the Company will come up with new strategies for Cotana Group to develop sustainably:
Firstly: Maintain high-quality construction engineer personnel to become a professional and high-class contractor.
Secondly: Strengthen project investment research to become a reputable real estate investor.
Thirdly: Invest in research in the fields of trade and service, hotel business and tourism. This is a key goal and for comprehensive sustainable development requires Cotana Group to have a plan to carry out this mission.
Mr. Doan Van Tuan – General Director of Cotana Group
Need cross-cutting strategies to welcome 2022 with new goals
In the past two years, real estate businesses have been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but I think the worst period of the real estate market has passed.
Cotana Group's production and business activities faced many difficulties and challenges, but the past year also had advantages. Cotana Group has the opportunity to look back at the shortcomings and draw lessons from the experience for businesses. To have good results, there must be a serious work process, to have a good team, there must be exemplary individuals. If you want to be successful, you need to keep working hard. Therefore, 2022 is a year that needs the consensus of the Board of Directors and the staff of Cotana Group.
Thuy Bieu project - a new mark of Cotana Group in Hue
The goal of the Cotana Group in the next year and the following years is to operate professionally at the Ecogarden project. Renovating human resource management and improving internal management. Safe, economical, scientific and efficient operation are the criteria of Cotana Group. We continue to aim to build a strong corporate culture to create a professional working environment, to become a place where employees choose to work and want to contribute.

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